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Where Is My Tax Refund,Status of Refund – Connecticut,Where’s my colorado tax return|2020-05-23

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If you have an IRS acknowledgment, then they are processing your tax return.My question is the following: Is it normal for Paper submissions to be in process this long? I gather that efiled returns normally process within 21 days but I am not sure if that is the case for Paper returns that are mailed in? Can you clarify this.Yes, it’s normal – it hasn’t been 21 days yet.DDD 2/26/20.I understand the difference between the approved and the accepted.You may find out what’s holding it up on their end.A date when available” now fast forward to today 03/02 it says “we have received your return and it is being processed”.

Refund Information | Nebraska Department Of Revenue

I called again and was told I would probably not see my refund till the end of May.Did you get yours yet?.Will the late 1099-c delay my refund or require an amendment letter from the IRS?The 1099-c was from a bankruptcy my attorney said i never should have gotten because i was exempt.If the institution can get the funds, it will return the refund to the IRS.Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.I filed bankruptcy could that be delaying the refund? My trustee hasn’t received the refund either at this point.I filed 1/22/18since I had the EiC goes to February 15th before they start processing anything My WMR says is being processed no code or topic I did do direct deposit.

irs where's my refundNCDOR: The Refund Process

Thanks for the speedy response.I had a 152 now when I check it it keep sayin my info is wrong when I know everything is rite that I’m putting in.I panicked:/.What do you recommend ?.ID verification CAN cause delays up to 45 days.In the following pages you can find directions on what to do if your refund is lost; if you make a mistake in the bank’s routing number for a direct deposit of your refund, or more rarely, if another state agency intercepts your refund to satisfy a debt you owe to it or its clients.I asked her specifically if losing the bar is worrisome.

Where’s My Refund, Why Have I Not Received My Refund Yet …

Robert, I am not as interested in the date as many others, but I flied on 2/1, so I am waiting my days; however, at 10 pm tonight, I had 1 bar on WMR, then at 12:05, it changed to “Your refund is still being processed”…A refund date will be provided when available.But of course he doesn’t have a job, hasn’t had one since he got out of jail January of 2018 so now my checks are being garnished because the bank came after me since I’m the only one working, even though we had a previous court order stating he would be responsible for it… So I am super stressed and worried that my refund will go directly towards the car and I’m supposed to be getting back a pretty nice refund.

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Be sure to:.Just because they are low on funds and need to catch up shouldnt be our fault.I filed on 01/27/2020 got accepted on the 01/27/2020 and still saying been processing and nothing as of 03/02/2020.We have no answers other than to contact the IRS or potentially enlist the help of a taxpayer advocate at this point.So it turns out my return is under a 60 day review.It’s been three weeks, and wmr is still saying it hasn’t even been received.Hi I have read post from a few forums and a lot of people have called the IRS since the 21 days have past.

Where’s My Refund? Check The Status Of My Tax Return | USAGov

Is that bad I called and she said it could take 60-90 day to review.This action is the result of Governor Wolf working with members of the General Assembly and Treasurer Joe Torsella on legislation that provides needed financial support to claimants of the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program during the COVID-19 pandemic.I do know about dependents.It could be your employer hasn’t sent their copy of their W2 in yet, or you’re missing some other form the IRS hasn’t received yet.Shows code 846 with DDD 04/08.Note: Some military members may be eligible additional tax deadline extensions if they were deployed or served overseas during the tax year.Your 21 days was only up yesterday – it started on 2/15.

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